Cut To Length Logging

Rondeau Logging has switched from whole tree harvesting to cut to length.
What is cut to length? It is the most technologically advanced harvesting system today.

Two machines perform the functions of felling, de-limbing, bucking, sorting and extracting.

The processor does the work of three, felling, de-limbing and cutting the trees into sawlogs and pulpwood at the stump. Branches and tops are removed directly in front of the processor creating a mat of slash that is driven over by the processor and forwarder.

Processor felling, de-limbing, and bucking.

The processed wood is hauled to the landing by the forwarder and sorted for a variety of markets. By not skidding trees the conventional way, there is less damage to the residual stand and ground.

Forwarder hauling bucked logs.

If you want to make more profit from your timber and be more environmentally friendly, contact Dave today.