Selective Harvesting is Our Specialty!

The main focus of our logging services is selective timber harvesting. Rondeau Logging works closely with landowners in the planning stages so that we can provide a finished job that has 100% landowner approval.

We market the harvested products to well known mills in order to get the most money for each timber product. We offer deposits on the timber sale at the signing of the timber contract. Lump sum payments are also an option.

Selective timber harvesting helps keep your forest healthy while earning you money from the valuable products that a healthy forest provides.

We can provide free evaluation and estimates of the timber volume you have on your property.

All logging work is done with modern, fully mechanized equipment utilizing the whole tree. We chip the tops and market all the forest products to get you the most money for your timber.

We can also bring in our firewood processor to cut and split all the firewood you need at a very low cost.